Toyota to increase battery-electric offers – CEO

Oluwanifemi Ojo
Oluwanifemi Ojo
Toyota logo at the Tokyo Motor Show

ToyotaA global automotive manufacturer, Toyota is said to increase its battery-electric offerings on its Lexus luxury brand.

This was said on Monday by the company’s incoming CEO, Koji Sato.

He also added that while at this, Toyota will not shift from its long-standing strategy of considering other technologies.

According to Reuters, The comments from Koji Sato, who takes over as the head of the world’s largest automaker from April 1, followed criticism that have said it has been too slow to embrace battery-powered electric vehicles.

The company has said that it makes sense to adopt hybrid vehicle powered systems particularly in areas where battery infrastructures are not yet in place.

Toyota made this hybrid powered car popular,  and It has also spearheaded adopting hydrogen-powered cars as the future.

The incoming CEO said,, Toyota will focus on Lexus to expedite its offers of battery-electric vehicles.
Reuters reported that Sato was quick to stress that the new development was not a significant shift in strategy.

According to him, Toyota will keep concentrating on exploring various technologies in its pursuit of carbon-neutral vehicles.

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