Top ten most downloaded apps in 2023

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Meta’s Instagram has remained the most downloaded app in the world across Google’s Play Store, and Apple App Store, overtaking TikTok for the first time, according to Appfigures.

The photo-sharing platform garnered 54M downloads to occupy the top position with TikTok following with 47M downloads. Facebook and WhatsApp are neck on neck with 39M and 38M downloads respectively, with video editing app, CapCut coming with 33M downloads Meta’s Threads has experienced a noteworthy resurgence in user engagement, marked by a substantial growth spurt in December 2023.

Despite facing a period of stagnation last year, recent data reveals a remarkable threefold increase in downloads month-over-month, propelling Threads into the top 10 most downloaded apps across both the App Store and Google Play.

Threads garnered an impressive 28 million new downloads in December, securing a commendable No. 6 position positioning Threads as the sixth most installed app.

Threads initially made headlines with a record-breaking launch, attracting 100 million registered users within its first five days. However, a decline in daily downloads surfaced from September through the end of the year.

Here are the top ten downloaded apps:
1. Instagram 54M
2. TikTok 47M
3. Facebook 39M
4. WhatsApp 38M
5. CapCut 33M
6. Threads 28M
7. Temu 27M
8. Telegram 25M
9. Snapchat 22M
10. Spotify 20M

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