Top 10 countries with highest alcohol consumption

Bisola David
Bisola David
Top 10 countries with highest alcohol consumption

The production of some of the most widely consumed alcoholic beverages, including wine, vodka, and beer, is widely recognized among the people of Europe.

Drinking alcohol is a practice that dates back nearly as far as human civilization. Several of the world’s great civilizations, including ancient Egypt, Greece, India, Mesopotamia, and China, are known to have produced and used alcohol.

In many nations today, particularly in Europe, drinking alcohol is an essential part of socialization and culture.

In actuality, nine of the ten nations with the highest alcohol consumption per capita are located in Europe. The only non-European country ranking among the top five in terms of per capita alcohol consumption is Uganda, which is located in Africa.

According to the 2023 CEOWORLD magazine health survey, the Czech Republic consumes the most alcohol per capita (14.3 litres), followed by Latvia (13.2 liters).

However, with eight liters consumed per person, Italy has the lowest alcohol consumption. Every adult in Europe who is at least 15 years old drinks 9.5 liters of pure alcohol on average each year.

Despite notable variations in the approximate levels of alcohol consumption among European Union nations, the general pattern continues: men consume more alcohol than women.

Here are top 10 countries with the highest alcohol consumption and the liters of pure alcohol they consume yearly:

Rank Country Liters of pure alcohol consumed per capita per year
1. Czechia 14.3

2. Latvia 13.2

3. Moldova 12.9

4. Germany 12.8

5. Lithuania 12.8

6. Ireland 12.7

7. Spain 12.7

8. Bulgaria 12.5

9. Uganda 12.5

10. Luxembourg 12.5

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