Threads tests new feature as monthly users pass 150m

Onwubuke Melvin
Onwubuke Melvin

The founder of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, has said that Threads, a social networking app that is competing with X, formerly Twitter, has reached 150 million monthly active users, up from 130 million in February.

This was disclosed by Zuckerberg while Speaking on Wednesday, April 24, during Meta’s Q1 2024 earnings call, according to Znet.

Zuckerberg said, “Threads is growing well too. There are now more than 150M monthly activities, and it continues to generally be on the trajectory I hoped to see. My daughters would want me to mention that Taylor Swift is now on Threads — that was a big deal in my house.”

Threads has made progress in integrating with ActivityPub, a decentralized protocol engine powering Mastodon over the past few months.

The platform enabled US users over 18 years of age to link their accounts with Fediverse and display posts on other servers in March.

In addition, by June, Meta plans to make the Threads API available to a wider range of developers, allowing them the opportunity to create experiences on the social network. However, it remains unclear whether the Threads platform will enable developers to create fully-fledged third-party clients.

Meanwhile, Meta has recently introduced an artificial intelligence chatbot on Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram that does not include thread. The lack of native direct messaging functionality in Threads may be to blame for this omission.

Furthermore, Threads introduced a test feature enabling users to automatically archive their posts after a defined period. Users can also individually archive or unarchive posts and choose whether to make them public.

Recall threads in its early days, attracted considerable attention and more than 10 million users had already started using it. In addition, within a single day of its release, it had 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

A sense of excitement gripped the Threads community, as many were eager to join because of the particular characteristics that distinguish it from Twitter.

However, Threads has experienced a significant decline in active users shortly after its launch despite the promising start and initial surge of sign-ups.

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