Threads launches web version

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Threads, Meta’s rival to Twitter as the preferred platform for celebrities, businesses, and governments, is now accessible on the web.

The most active users of social media during work hours are thought to be professionals and members of the media, thus a web version of Threads is viewed as essential to luring them in.

“ is now live for everyone. Let us know what you think,” posted Instagram head Adam Mosseri, who also leads Threads posted.

Prior to the launch of the web version, iPhones and Android phones could access Threads.

“The Threads team is working hard to bring this experience to parity with mobile, and will be adding more functionality to the web experience in the coming weeks,” a spokesman said.

Early in July, Meta pushed out Twitter, now known as X, and encouraged its more than one billion Instagram users to download Threads, as a result, Threads was the fastest-downloading software ever, breaking the previous record held by ChatGPT, the AI sensation.

However, the initial euphoria did not endure, and users have been clamouring for the app’s web version as well as other changes.

Elon Musk’s X still reigns supreme as the go-to platform for news and commentary, but since the Tesla owner took over, the site’s success has been undermined and people are looking for alternatives.

One user measurement provided by the company Similarweb revealed a decline in Threads’ daily active user base from its high of 49.3 million users to just 10.3 million users today.

Threads parent company Meta is unsure of how to negotiate the data privacy laws in the European Union, Threads is not available there.

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