Tesla retrieves 3,470 Model Y cars over loose bolts

Marcus Amudipe
Marcus Amudipe


One of the leading electric vehicles makers, Tesla,  said it will retrieve around 3,470 2022/2023 Model Y vehicles in the United States owing to loose bolts.

According to the report filing made public on Saturday by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the vehicles will be recalled owing to the loose tightening of the bolts securing the second-row seat back frames.

The NHTSA said a loose seat frame bolt may reduce the performance of seat belt, increasing the risks of injury during a crash.

The report titled “Part 573 Safety Recall Report,” partly reads, “On Model Y vehicles, the second-row driver-side seat back frame (second-row driver-side and center seating positions) and the second-row passenger-side seat back frame (second-row passenger-side seating position) are secured to the lower seat frame with 4 bolts per seat back.”

It further reads, “During the supplier’s production of both seat back frames for certain Model Y vehicles, one or more of the bolts that secure the seat back frames to the lower seat frame may not have been torqued to specifications.”

According to Reuters, Tesla informed NHTSA that since December, it has discovered five warranty claims that might be connected to these issues. Tesla claimed that it was not aware of any accidents or fatalities that might have been brought on by the recall problem.

The company said, “it will inspect bolts securing second-row driver-side and passenger-side seat back frames to the lower seat frames and if needed tighten them to specifications.”

It was reported that the electric vehicle maker recalls that, “In December, a Tesla supplier implemented improved process controls along with improved training and supervision to ensure bolts are torqued to specifications.”

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