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Dutch agency warns govt against use of Facebook

The Dutch data protection authority, AP, issued a recommendation on Friday urging

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Facebook to shut down news tab in US, Australia

Meta plans to discontinue the news tab on Facebook in the U.S.

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Meta to end Messenger-Instagram chat integration

Meta has announced on its support page that the company will no

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Spanish media sites sue Meta over unfair competition

Spanish media sites announced on Monday that it has filed a 550

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Meta to introduce broadcast channels for Facebook, Messenger

Meta on Wednesday, announced that it would introduce broadcast channels, a tool

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India warns YouTube, X, others over child abuse content

India addressed letters to the social media sites X, formerly known as

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Meta considers fees for ad-free Facebook, Instagram

Meta is considering a proposal that would require European Union users to

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Meta rolls out verification badges for businesses

Meta on Wednesday announced that it is now opening up verification badges

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Meta to remove Facebook news from UK, others

Meta on Tuesday said that it would discontinue Facebook News in the

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Faceebook adamant on ban as Canada unveils new rules

Canada said it was addressing the concerns of digital corporations when it

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Meta to shut down Facebook Messenger Lite September

Meta is discontinuing Messenger Lite, their lightweight, simplified version of Messenger, according

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Meta launches AI model for language translation

Alex Omenye Facebook's parent company Meta on Tuesday launched an AI model

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