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Crypto startup funding hits $2.4bn in Q1 2024

Alex Omenye In the first three months of 2024, funding for crypto

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Top ten cryptocurrency exchanges in the world

Alex Omenye The cryptocurrency exchange industry is undergoing a shift towards transparency

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Crypto platform Kucoin suspends P2P trading

The global crypto exchange Kucoin has announced the suspension of all naira-based

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US Banks JP Morgan, Wells Fargo unveils first Bitcoin investment

Two major banks in the United States, JP Morgan, and Wells Fargo,

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Nigeria’s peer-to-peer crypto trading worth $500bn – Expert

The Chief Executive Officer of cryptocurrency firm NoOnes, Ray Youssef, has said

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Ethereum increases by 8%, highest in over a month

The recent surge in Ethereum, which witnessed an impressive 8% increase, has

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Bitcoin mining monthly revenue hits record high of $2bn in march

Bitcoin mining companies generated the highest monthly revenue in their history in

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Disgraced crypto tycoon Bankman-Fried jailed 25 years

Disgraced cryptocurrency wunderkind Sam Bankman-Fried was sentenced to 25 years in jail

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Crypo platform NoOnes emerges top choice for Nigerian Binance users

In a groundbreaking shift within the cryptocurrency landscape, NoOnes, the innovative peer-to-peer

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Binance sets price cap as presidential aide calls for ban

The cryptocurrency stablecoin Tether's selling price on Binance's peer-to-peer exchange has been

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A&D Forensics trains specialist on cryptocurrency crimes

By Melvin Onwubuke Digital blockchain and forensic company, A&D Forensics, trained a

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Hackers stole $1.7bn crypto in 2023 – Report

In 2023, cryptocurrency platforms experienced approximately $1.7 billion in theft due to

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