Surveyor institute instructs members to ensure proper land coordinates

Oluwanifemi Ojo
Oluwanifemi Ojo
Nigerian Institute of Surveyors

The Nigerian Institute of Surveyors has instructed its members to ensure precise land coordinates in order to prevent land disputes and the potential for disorder.

The Punch reported that instruction was given during the recent investiture of 16 members as fellows of the Institute held in Abuja.

According to the report, the NIS now has a total of 469 fellows throughout Nigeria, with the recent addition of the new fellows. The Institute emphasized the importance of surveyors in resolving land disputes of all types.

During the event, the guest speaker, Hyacinth Moghalu, expressed his concerns about the cooperation between some surveyors and fraudulent individuals in order to deceive prospective clients with fake stamps, distorted survey plans, and false information, resulting in unwarranted litigation.

He urged surveyors to regain control of their profession from impostors and encouraged the new inductees to remain a shining light in their field.

Moghalu also highlighted the crucial role of surveyors and the advantages of having a survey plan in settling land disputes. He stated that surveyors play a critical, strategic, and significant role in successful land litigation, particularly when survey plans and evidence from the surveyor are instrumental in determining the case.

He further urged the inductees to maintain professionalism and strive to exceed expectations, given that much is expected from those to whom much has been given.

Moghalu represented by Chigbo Okoli during the event said, “The role of surveyors and the advantages of survey plan in land litigation is critical, strategic and prominent as they form the pivot on which successful land litigation can be achieved within a record time, particularly when the need for the survey plan and the surveyor’s evidence will be instrumental to determining the case.

“Globally, disputes over ownership of land and its boundaries can lead to a breakdown of law and order but the production of a well-prepared dispute survey plan is a pivotal way of demonstrating the certainty of the identity of a land in dispute. It is necessary for land litigation as a means of proving ownership of a piece of land through proper identification and must be prepared by a surveyor who is trained to also defend it in the court when called upon to so do.”

The President of the institution, Kayode Oluwamotemi congratulated the new fellows and advised them to assume greater responsibilities following their investiture.

Oluwamotemi urged them to make themselves available whenever their expertise is required by state and federal governments, as the investiture conferred upon them the role of professional elders.

Similarly, the Chairman of the Board of Fellows, Sola Atilola, called on the inductees to live up to professional expectations and carry out the significant responsibilities assigned to them by their investiture.

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