Snpachat expands more into AI with ‘Dreams’

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Snapchat is getting ready to increase its generative AI expansion with a new generative AI tool named “Dreams.”

According to discoveries from app researcher and developer Steve Moser, the company has been working on features that would let Snapchat users shoot or upload selfie photos that will enable the app to create fresh pictures of you in places you imagine.

Dreams is envisioned as a means to employ AI-generated selfies to insert images of you in “fantastical places and scenarios,” according to Moser’s research.

Along with letting you enter these AI “Dreams,” the firm is also working on a feature called Dreams with Friends where users can authorise their friends to create these AI “dream” images that also involve them, as Moser discovered.

Alessandro Paluzzi, a reverse engineer, initially discovered Dreams earlier this spring. He said the functionality would let users insert their likeness into generative AI-powered worlds.

The recent changes to Dreams with Friends and the Dream Packs indicate that Snapchat is currently advancing the feature.

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