Samsung sues Chinese rival BOE for patent infringement

Joy Onuorah
Joy Onuorah
Samsung sues Chinese rival BOE for patent infringement

South Korea’s renowned technology giant, Samsung Display, has initiated legal proceedings against Chinese competitor BOE Technology, alleging infringement of five patents related to displays used in mobile devices, including Apple’s popular iPhone 12.

In a filing made with a federal jury in Texas, Samsung Display, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, seeks damages for the violation of its organic light emitting diode (OLED) display patents by BOE.

Furthermore, Samsung is pursuing an injunction to prevent the import and sale of the infringing displays.

The case was officially lodged with the US court in East Texas, known for its reputation of expedited hearings and prompt decisions on legal matters.

Apple, one of the major beneficiaries of OLED displays, has utilized this technology in its Apple Watch and various iPhone models, including the recently released iPhone 14.

The use of OLED allows for higher resolution and thinner displays compared to traditional alternatives, making it an attractive choice for the tech giant.

The OLED display market has long been dominated by Samsung Display, but BOE has been narrowing the gap and surpassed South Korea’s LG Display to become the second-largest player last year, according to market research firm Omdia.

The lawsuit highlights the significance of Samsung’s patents, particularly the “599 Patent,” which enhances the image quality of devices.

Samsung Display argues that the infringement has caused irreparable harm and asserts that an injunction is necessary to protect its interests.

This is not the first time Samsung Display has taken legal action regarding OLED displays.

In December, the company filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission, accusing multiple companies of patent infringement for selling OLED screens as replacement displays for mobile devices.

The commission initiated an investigation in response to the complaint.

As of now, neither Samsung nor Apple has provided an immediate response to requests for comments on the matter.

However, Samsung Display’s executive, Choi Kwon-young, previously stated that the company was actively pursuing compensation for its intellectual property, recognizing the intensifying competition in the mobile OLED screen market.

South Korea, renowned for its manufacturing prowess across sectors such as chips, displays, and automobiles, has been facing an increasing threat from Chinese rivals.

Last month, a former executive at Samsung Electronics was indicted for allegedly stealing company technology to establish a copycat chip factory in China, raising concerns about national economic security, according to prosecutors.

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