Salesforce to hire 3,000 workers

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Cloud-based software company Salesforce is now hiring 3,300 people across a variety of departments, according to a Thursday report by Bloomberg News.

“Our job is to grow the company and to continue to achieve great margins,” Benioff told Bloomberg in an interview.

“We know we have to hire thousands of people.”

The disclosure is coming after cutting 10% of its workforce in January of this year.

According to Chief Operating Officer Brian Millham, the new jobs will be divided between sales, engineering, and those working on Saleforce’s data cloud platform.

In response to rapid pandemic recruiting that left it with an overstaffed workforce during a slowing economy, Salesforce said in January that it wants to reduce employment by 10% and close some operations.

The producer of corporate software has introduced a number of artificial intelligence features and raised prices for the first time in seven years in an effort to combat a decline in tech spending.

It introduced Einstein Copilot earlier this month, a generative AI tool that would be accessible across its array of apps, from the instant messaging service Slack to the data visualisation tool Tableau, and could be customised by its clients to meet their needs.

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