Salesforce launches AI assistant for Slack, Tableau

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Enterprise software provider Salesforce on Tuesday launched a generative AI tool that will be accessible through Slack and Tableau.

The company claimed ahead of its Dreamforce conference this week that the assistant, known as Einstein Copilot, can among other things summarise video sessions, provide personalised replies to client concerns, and produce emails for marketing efforts.

While a Generative Pre-trained Transformer employs human language to respond to questions and produce material on the user’s behalf, AI copilots act as virtual assistants that can send reminders, plan meetings, and create content.

According to Salesforce, the Einstein Copilot may use customer and business data stored in its Data Cloud to produce pertinent responses.

Users will be able to integrate the assistant with chat services like Slack and Meta’s WhatsApp or embed it into their websites.

In March, the San Francisco-based business introduced its Einstein GPT genAI solution. The corporation also increased to $500 million in June its venture capital fund for early-stage generative AI companies.

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