Power generation hits 4,173.20MW in 24 hours

Joy Onuorah
Joy Onuorah

The Nigerian energy supply increased to 4,173.20Mw on Wednesday from a total of 2,931Mw on Tuesday, reports have revealed.

According to Economic Confidential, only 17 power plants were in functioning as of Tuesday because several Generation Companies were told to shut down starting at midnight by the National Control Center, Oshogbo, due to high frequency.

At that time, the power stations at Afam, Dandikowa, and Ihovbor all entirely ceased operation, producing 0Mw each.

The Transmission Company of Nigeria, the Nigerian System Operator, hinted at the energy market and stated that the energy generation situation had improved by 1,241.89Mw in the early hours of Wednesday.

When 20 power plants went online, it was a sign of a 42.37% rise in activity over the course of a day.

The document, which ECONOMIC CONFIDENTIAL has seen, states that Alaoji NIPP (Gas) produced 99.50Mw with one unit while Afam IV & V (Gas) created 181Mw with two units.

The report stated that with three units, Azura-Edo IPP (Gas) produced 400Mw, Dandikowa (Hydro) produced 20.20Mw, Delta (Gas) produced 351Mw with eight units, and Egbin (Steam) produced 282Mw with two units.

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