Parthian Partners pays third bond coupon

Bisola David
Bisola David
Parthian Partners pays third bond coupon

Parthian Partners Limited has made the third consecutive coupon payment on its N10 billion bond.

The PUNCH reported that the Chief Financial Officer at Parthian Partners, Olayinka Arewa, recently said in a statement: “It takes agility and dedication to navigate rising inflation and economic pressures. We stuck to our word and continued to provide our investors with regular and on-time coupon payments notwithstanding these challenges.

“This would not have been achievable without our stakeholders’ steadfast support. Strong ratings from Agusto & Co. and DataPro attest to our sound financial standing, which says volumes about our dedication to creating long-term value.

“We are proud of our strong capitalization, rising profitability, and stable funding profile, which attest to the confidence that partners and clients have placed in us.”

Parthian Partners created history in August 2022 when it became the first Inter-Dealer Broker in Nigeria to issue a short-term bond. With a coupon rate of 13.50 percent, the N10 billion bond drew full subscriptions from institutional investors.

Parthian Partners, Nigeria’s first interdealer broker, connects investors and market dealers, including banks, foreign organisations, fund managers, pension funds, and pension funds, in a streamlined manner, contributing significantly to the country’s financial ecosystem.

The company has enabled trades of approximately N5 trillion in FGN bonds and Treasury bills, and more than $1.2 billion in Eurobonds.

Not only is this bond payment on schedule, but it also serves as a potent statement of Parthian Partner’s commitment to promoting Nigeria’s economic expansion.

“We are still dedicated to going above and beyond, seizing fresh chances, and creating a more promising financial future for all stakeholders,”  Arewa said.

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