OpenAI launches ChatGPT for businesses

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

OpenAI is extending the overlap between what the company offers to clients with the launch of a version of ChatGPT geared at major businesses.

According to the company, ChatGPT Enterprise provides additional security, privacy, and faster access to OpenAI’s technologies. Block, Carlyle, and Estee Lauder Companies are examples of early clients.

OpenAI’s consumer-focused ChatGPT, which was published in November, ignited a frenzy of generative AI use in routine jobs like writing and coding, and in January it had amassed 100 million monthly active users.

OpenAI believes that the release of ChatGPT Enterprise would encourage employers to accept ChatGPT usage at work.

Microsoft already gives businesses access to ChatGPT, through its Azure OpenAI Service, but, in order to use it, firms must be users of Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform.

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