Old naira: Commercial Banks to work Saturdays

Alade Abayomi ADeleke
Alade Abayomi ADeleke

The Central Bank of Nigeria has announced that commercial banks would work on Saturdays to receive the old Naira notes from customers.


The Leader of the CBN inspection team to Ebonyi State on new Naira notes, Kama Ukpai, said this during an enlightenment campaign to traders, on Friday at Eke Market, Afikpo.


Ukpai advised the public to visit banks to deposit old naira notes as there would be no extension on the January 31 deadline for the notes’ submission.


He also urged the public to report any bank still dispensing old notes through its Automated Teller Machines to the CBN for sanctions.


He added, “Banks would work on Saturdays for this purpose and there are no limits to amounts that can be deposited.


“The CBN team is in Ebonyi to ensure the implementation of the directives as we have not directed any bank to stop collecting old notes.


“We visited 14 different banks in Abakaliki and 13 were dispensing the new notes through their ATM.


“We have communicated the bank that is still dispensing the old notes and wish to inform the public that there is no shortage of the new notes.”


Ukpai advised the public to use available electronic channels for their monetary transactions as the CBN was increasing its enlightenment on their applications.


The News Agency of Nigeria reported that the CBN Abakaliki Branch Controller, Daniel Ogbogu, stated that dispensing of the new naira notes through various bank ATMs had been successful in the state through public enlightenment campaigns.


He said, “Since the beginning of this week, for example, we have been working assiduously to ensure the dispensing of the notes.


“We have adopted spot checks on various ATM to ensure compliance by banks.”


He noted that reports indicated that 95 per cent of banks were complying and those not doing so had been warned.

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