NPA, Lagos LG partner to enhance water supply

Bisola David
Bisola David
NPA, Lagos LG partner to enhance water supply

The Nigerian Ports Authority and the Apapa Local Council Development district of Lagos State have joined forces to improve water supply in the state’s Apapa district.

The statement was made during the second year in an office performance review meeting in Lagos by the Chairman of the Apapa Local Council Development Area of Lagos State, Idowu Adejumoke Senbanjo.

She said that the LG would collaborate with the NPA to better enhance the citizens’ access to water.

“The reticulation is a problem, which is why we are currently unable to pump water. Water hasn’t been available in Apapa for more than ten years. We are considering rebuilding some of the reticulations with help from the NPA and the Lagos State government,” the chairman said.

However, she claimed that the collaboration between the NPA and the LG had produced some positive outcomes.

She also claimed that the administration has implemented several mini-waterworks with the assistance of the Nigerian Ports Authority, which has resulted in the availability of drinkable water.

Senbanjo stated that in order to improve the drainage infrastructure in the area, the LG had cooperated with several groups, including the Lagos State Waste Management Authority.

She noted that one of the issues hurting the area was insufficient drainage systems.

“We spent the majority of our money on cleaning up drainages last year, but we couldn’t do it on our own because we lacked the necessary capital, apparatus, and equipment.

“When we requested help from the state government, they responded by sending someone out to assess the area in January. They discovered that residents had constructed their fences too closely to the drainage system, making it difficult for the machinery to clean them. We continue to discuss the best way to clean things up with the state governments and the Lagos State Waste Management Authority in the interim,” she said.

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