NMDPRA seals fuel stations in Kano over price hike

Marcus Amudipe
Marcus Amudipe
FILE: Motorists queue for fuel at a filling station


Several Kano gasoline stations were closed on Thursday by the Nigeria Mainstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority.

According to Guardian, the fuel stations were closed down by the former Department of Petroleum Resources enforcement team of the Kano zonal office for selling goods above the permitted price.

Prices ranging between N300, N290, and N295 per litre were recorded at the impacted stations during the enforcement effort that journalists observed, in contrast to the equilibrium price of N184 per liter.

The affected fuel stations are Azman petroleum along Maiduguri road, Allah Na Nan Zaria road N290, Red star Zaria road, AY Maikifi Western Bypass, SID Zara road, and Audu Manager Petroleum on Maiduguri road.

Others are Rimi Holdings, Maiduguri road, Rabash enterprises Nigeria limited Maiduguri road, IDM Makole Nigeria Limited, Alhaji Ahmadu Ila and Sons Ltd, Maiduguri road, Haab investment Limited on Hotoro western bypass.

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