NIPOST announces implementation of digital postcodes

Bisola David
Bisola David
NIPOST announces implementation of digital postcodes

The Nigerian Postal Service has declared that it will soon introduce Address Verification System and digital postcodes to improve delivery service, income generating, and security.

This was revealed on Thursday at a media conference in Abuja by the Postmaster General of the Federation and CEO of NIPOST, Sunday Adepoju.

He stated that by introducing the Postcode and AVS by October of this year, NIPOST will be able to contribute to the country’s revenue and put an end to the Know Your Customer difficulties.

Adepoju stated, “In a world where digital solutions and data utilization have taken center stage, an increasing number of postal operators, NIPOST is embracing digital transformation to raise operational efficiency.

A project called the National Digital Alphanumeric Postcode System has the potential to greatly improve security across the country, increase service delivery, and bring in money for NIPOST and other government organizations.

The National Population Commission, The National Space Research and Development Agency, the Office of The Surveyor-General of the Federation, NETPOST, Avaris Worldwide, and other governmental organizations were among the esteemed partners with whom our teams collaborated closely.

“The decrease of identity fraud, coordination of emergency services, border control, e-commerce, data collecting, financial inclusion, healthcare access, and tourism are only a few of the numerous additional public and private sector advantages.

The NPC Chairman, Nasir Kwarra, expressed the NPC’s commitment to implementing the policy in his remarks. He was represented by the Federal Commissioner for the State of Bayelsa, Mrs. Glory Izonfuo.

Technical Partners to NIPOST, Micheal Akinlose, and Taslim Salaudeen, said the AVS would be a game changer in Nigeria’s national development and economy.

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