NiMet forecasts three days haze

Alade Abayomi ADeleke
Alade Abayomi ADeleke

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency has predicted dust haze across the country from Saturday to Monday.


The News Agency of Nigeria reported that, in a report released on Friday in Abuja, NiMet’s weather outlook forecasts moderate dust haze on Saturday with a visibility range from 2km to 5km over the northern region during the forecast period.


The report read partly, “Slight dust haze is anticipated over the North-Central and the inland cities of the South throughout the forecast period.


“Hazy atmosphere with patches of clouds are anticipated over the coastal cities of the South within the forecast period.


“In Akwa Ibom, however, there are chances of isolated thunderstorms.”


NiMet envisages thick dust haze over the northern region on Monday within the period of forecast, with moderate dust haze over the North-Central and inland cities of the South.


“The public is advised to take necessary precautions due to dust particles in suspension over the atmosphere.

Individuals with respiratory ailments are to protect themselves as the current dusty weather condition is adverse to their health.


“Night–Time cold temperatures should be expected, hence, warm clothings are advised for the little ones,” the report added.


Airline operators were also urged to avail themselves of weather reports periodically from the NiMet’s office for effective planning in their operations.

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