Nigerians’ll embrace solar energy once FG ends subsidy – Expert

Marcus Amudipe
Marcus Amudipe

The CEO of Green Technologies, Aaron Esumeh, has predicted a boom in the renewable energy industry once the Nigerian government removes subsidy on petroleum products as proposed.

This is as the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd) announced that fuel subsidies will end in 2023 because it is no longer sustainable.

In an interview with Nairametrics, Esumeh argued that key stakeholders and investors will have no option but to seek renewable energy (solar, wind) as a business opportunity to maximise.

According to the CEO, there will be accelerated adoption of renewable energy in Nigeria if the Government removes the subsidy. Although, before renewable energy can be scaled in Nigeria, there are some pain points that should be addressed.

He further explained the need for the country to expand its upstream industry so that Nigeria can manufacture goods that can be sold and the money is not taken out.

In his words “The fuel subsidy removal will be an opportunity to spike Nigeria’s renewable energy revolution with growth in the upstream sector. In the era of Covid-19 lockdowns when no product was coming in from China and India, our production spiked and we made more money then. “

In addition to his statements during the interview, he said there are many investments in the downstream sector. That is, those who set up mini-grids, install and deliver power directly to customers. Meanwhile, the up-stream sector has insufficient investment. The up-stream solar power players are those who supply the equipment that is being used.

He, however, emphasized on the development and investment in the up-stream sector of the renewable energy industry as this would accelerate the massive adoption as well as save the country and every developer the cost of importation of solar equipment.

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