Nigerian health-tech startup Clafiya secures $610k pre-seed funding

Joy Onuorah
Joy Onuorah
Nigerian health-tech startup Clafiya secures $610k pre-seed funding

In a stride toward affordable healthcare services in Africa, Clafiya, innovative health-tech startup, has successfully closed a remarkable $610,000 pre-seed round.

The funding, led by esteemed investors like Norrsken Accelerator, Acquired Wisdom Fund, Hustle Fund, Voltron Capital, Microtraction, Ajim Capital, and others, will fuel Clafiya’s rapid growth, support product development, and facilitate the recruitment of top-notch tech talent.

Founded by a seasoned systems engineer, Jennie Nwokoye, with prior experience at Deloitte and AWS, Clafiya is on a mission to bridge the gap in accessible healthcare across the continent.

Africa’s abundant resources have been overshadowed by a scarcity of healthcare personnel, limited equipment, and other challenges, leaving 52% of the population without access to basic healthcare, as revealed by a 2021 study.

Driven by a personal encounter with the inadequacies of Nigeria’s healthcare sector, Nwokoye was determined to effect change without becoming a medical doctor.

Her journey led her to study Biomedical Sciences for her undergraduate degree, and during her Master’s program at Georgetown University, the concept of employing system thinking to tackle the healthcare crisis emerged.

Initially connecting people with verified healthcare practitioners, Clafiya swiftly transformed into a virtual primary healthcare center, collaborating with pharmacies, mental healthcare professionals, and other stakeholders to enhance customer care.

The startup’s ultimate goal is to create an end-to-end healthcare experience.

Addressing the affordability challenge, Clafiya adopted an ingenious approach that empowers the diaspora to purchase healthcare plans for their relatives in Nigeria directly.

By eliminating the risk of misusing funds meant for medication, Clafiya ensures that healthcare becomes more accessible and effective.

Moreover, Clafiya introduced a wallet feature that enables companies to open healthcare savings accounts for their employees, rivalling the existing HMO model.

The funds in the Clafiya wallet do not expire and can only be utilized for healthcare-related expenses.

Additionally, users are rewarded with cashback perks upon successful deposits, making it a popular choice among companies like Hygeia, i-Fitness, Khairo Diet Clinic, and others.

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