Nigerian Education Loan Fund addresses student complaints on loan application

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

The Nigerian Education Loan Fund has responded to recent complaints from students facing challenges while applying on the Student Loan Application portal.

The organization addressed these issues collectively as follows:

1. Missing school in the list of institutions: NELFUND advises students whose schools are not listed to contact their institution’s ICT department, which should then reach out to NELFUND for inclusion.

2. JAMB number verification issues: Students whose JAMB numbers are not verifying should contact their school to ensure their admission is supported by JAMB.

3. State-owned institution applications: NELFUND explained that the current rollout phase is only for federal institutions. Students from state-owned institutions are advised to wait for future phases.

4. Dropdown list issues: Students unable to see any institution in the dropdown list should check their internet connection and refresh their browser.

5. Email verification problems: Students unable to verify their accounts via email should ensure they have entered the correct email address.

6. Matriculation number verification: Students whose matriculation numbers are not verified on the portal should contact their school’s ICT department to upload their records to the Students Verification System (SVS).

The recent launch of the NELFUND application portal marks the first phase of its student loan scheme, targeting students from federal institutions nationwide.

The loan website, which went live early Friday, is now accessible to students of federal tertiary institutions as part of the scheme’s pilot phase. NELFUND’s Media and Public Relations Lead, Mr. Nasir Ayitogo, provided detailed step-by-step instructions for applying for the loan.

President Bola Tinubu first introduced the student loan policy in June 2023, aiming to provide interest-free loans to students. Although the scheme was initially set to launch in October 2023, it was postponed and re-enacted in April 2024.

Finally, NELFUND announced that the loan application and issuance portal would open on May 24, and it is now operational.

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