Nigeria resources enough to end economic crisis – Access Bank chair

Sam Adeniyi
Sam Adeniyi

The Chairman Of Access Bank Plc, Mrs. Dere Awosika, said that the Federal Government, with resources appropriation, has the power to resolve its fiscal problems.

Awosika made this known while addressing the 22nd edition of NECCI Public Relations Roundtable in Lagos State on the theme, ‘Danger of a Single Story: Communication and Reputational Crisis in Africa’.

She argued that poverty, corruption, and disease are intermittently making history in the African continent.

As reported by Vanguard, She stated: “It is high time we sat down to reflect on our journey so far. Fill the loopholes with acts of good governance and stand against all things that are contrary to our culture and value and forge ahead for a better Nigeria and better Africa.”

Awosika emphasized that “we can retell the story by building a resilient system that is transparent and productive,” stating the need to rewrite the story about Nigeria in the International market.

The Convener of the NECCI Round-table, Mrs Nkechi Ali-Balogun, also affirmed that Africans record has restricted her global growth as it’s tagged corrupt, war, and poor continent, stating, “Africa as the next global frontier needs to tell her stories and tell it well.

“Africa has lived under the burden of political, economic and social conspiracies by world powers to the extent that Africans no longer believe in themselves and seek validation from a people who ordinarily should be looking towards them for survival. Afro-pessimism has eaten into the very fabric of our existence as a people and a continent.”

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