Nigeria has untapped logistics industry worth N3trn — Logistics expert

Bisola David
Bisola David

The country’s estimated N3tn logistics, courier, and transport industry has not yet reached its full potential, according to the Executive Chairman of the Courier and Logistics Management Institute, Professor Simon Emeje.

The Punch stated that the announcement of the Courier and Logistics Management Institute International Conference and Investiture 2023, which is set for November 23, in Lagos, came from him at a press conference.

Emeje underscored that the domains of courier, logistics, and transport management continue to be mostly unexplored worldwide.

“In today’s world, transportation, logistics, and courier services are essential to a country’s progress.

“It is essential to establish this institute due to its prominence and the need to train and promote professionalism and certification in courier, logistics, transport, and management services,”  the institute’s chairman said.

He emphasized the vital role that logistics play in economic development and added that the growth of logistics drives economic advancement in a country.

Emeje claimed that the expansion of logistics lays the groundwork for the growth of the economy’s other sectors and infrastructure.

“Today, logistics is even more important when it is considered a base for sectors of the economy because it helps to link the flow of goods and services from the first partners to the final customers,” he added, highlighting the potential of the sector.

“There is a significant opportunity for job creation as the logistics, courier, transport, and management industry commands an average asset worth over N3tn.”

He clarified that “Logistics Solutions and National Infrastructure Development” would be the main theme of the CLMI conference and investiture.

According to him, the decision demonstrated the institute’s dedication to investigating the critical role that logistics plays in meeting the needs of the country’s infrastructure and promoting economic growth.

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