Mozilla rebrands Firefox accounts to Mozilla

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Mozilla on Saturday announced that it is changing the name of Firefox accounts to Mozilla accounts.

The synchronisation of data between many Firefox installations on the same or other devices is one of the primary functions of a Firefox account.

Mozilla argues that as the initial emphasis was on the Firefox web browser and its features, it was appropriate to use the term “Firefox accounts” at first. Since then, the company has developed or acquired a number of services and goods, including Pocket, Fakespot, Firefox Monitor, and Mozilla VPN.

The new term, Mozilla accounts, more accurately conveys the variety of available goods and services. Its goal is to “create a more consistent brand experience across all Mozilla surfaces, driving higher awareness of the portfolio of Mozilla products”

The switch to Mozilla accounts happens automatically and just modifies the name and branding. All account information and subscriptions are saved during and after the user signs in using their email address and password as usual.

According to Mozilla, users who signed in using their Google or Apple credentials may keep doing so after the change has been made.

Mozilla intends to begin the rebranding on November 1, 2023.

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