Minister of works to begin road inspection in two weeks

Bisola David
Bisola David
Minister of works to begin road inspection in two weeks

The minister of works, David Umahi, has committed to starting the inspection and evaluation of all federal highways in two weeks.

The Punch reported that this was stated by him on Monday during a press conference held at the Federal Ministry of Works in Abuja following the oath-taking of 45 ministers.

He asserts that under his direction, bureaucratic procedures will be obsolete because no file will be anticipated to be left unattended for longer than two hours without valid justifications.

“I’m going to train tomorrow, he declared. I’ll give you my address tomorrow. I’ve told them I want to see the contractors. I am not an office person; I am a field person, therefore after receiving briefings from the Heads of Department, we will meet with the contractors.

“I’ll be checking out the Lokojo-Benin Road and the Lokoja-Abuja Road, with some of you helping out in that department thanks to God giving us life.

“I will start inspecting roads after this week, the top week, which is in two weeks, and I won’t settle down until I’ve inspected all of your projects and the new ones we intend to do,” he said.

He also made clear that, given his history, he saw himself as more of a field-oriented person than an office-bound one.

He continued by saying that the ministry’s team of specialists would travel to each of the country’s six geopolitical regions to evaluate the state of the road system and plan ways to improve Nigerians’ quality of life.

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