Microsoft partners Aptos Labs to combine AI, blockchain in Web3

Joy Onuorah
Joy Onuorah
Microsoft partners Aptos Labs to combine AI, blockchain in Web3

Tech giant, Microsoft and innovative blockchain developer, Aptos Labs have announced a partnership to redefine the convergence of Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology.

As the world eagerly anticipates the merging of Web3 and AI, the partnership gains momentum, painting a dynamic future for global tech advancement.

Web3’s budding ecosystem finds a powerful ally in established AI expertise, as the landscape of industry pioneers seeks to harness the potential of robust AI technology.

With sights set on realms spanning finance, agriculture, healthcare, and education, the two entities embark on an audacious journey to craft tailored blockchain solutions, propelling industries forward with disruptive innovations.

Under this transformative alliance, Aptos Labs leverages Microsoft’s AI prowess to engineer a fusion of AI and blockchain-powered industry solutions.

The implications extend beyond immediate application, as Microsoft’s foray into this partnership unveils its strategic entry into the vast realm of Web3 exploration.

General Manager of AI and Emerging Technologies at Microsoft, Rashmi Misra, elucidates the significance: “By synergizing Aptos Labs’ innovation with Microsoft Azure Open AI Service capabilities, we democratize blockchain utilization, enabling visionaries to create novel decentralized applications enriched by AI.”

Microsoft’s curiosity delved into uncharted territories, probing blockchain facets such as asset tokenization and the evolution of Central Bank Digital Currencies through the Aptos ecosystem.

The allure of marrying blockchain with AI resonates with Web3 developers and forward-thinking venture capitalists, resonating further with the tech-savvy millennials and GenZ, who embrace this merger with enthusiasm.

KuCoin’s international survey, encompassing 1,125 crypto enthusiasts, underscores this fervor, revealing over 64 percent of younger participants possess a basic familiarity with AI in the crypto and blockchain context.

These sentiments further bolstered Microsoft’s decision to actively engage in Web3’s transformative journey.

While Microsoft previously embarked on metaverse initiatives, including an industrial metaverse division, the company faced economic realities in February, leading to the division’s restructuring.

However, this strategic partnership reignites Microsoft’s metaverse ambitions with renewed vigor.

Aptos Labs, a brainchild of former Meta employees, blazed a trail with its proof-of-stake blockchain in October 2022.

The company’s impressive trajectory includes a pivotal Series A funding round in July, securing $150 million in investments, spearheaded by FTX Ventures and Jump Crypto.

Fueling its blockchain with Meta’s Move programming language, originally designed for the abandoned Diem stablecoin project, Aptos Labs emerges as a dynamic player poised to drive innovation at the nexus of AI and blockchain in the evolving Web3 landscape.

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