Microsoft launches AI Access Principles to encourage technological investment

Bisola David
Bisola David
Microsoft launches AI Access Principles to encourage technological investment

Microsoft, a major player in the IT industry, has released a statement called the AI Access Principles that outlines its commitment to and role in the global growth of AI.

The paper was released by the firm in Barcelona at the current Mobile World Congress. Microsoft claims that these new guidelines assist in setting the various initiatives and programs that it has announced and introduced throughout Europe during the last two weeks in perspective according to The times.

The statement stated that the investments would include $5.6 billion for brand-new AI data centers and skill-building initiatives that will benefit over a million individuals.

This coincides with the announcement of a new alliance between Mistral AI, the top AI startup in France, and the business supporting OpenAI.

Speaking about the impact AI is having on the world economy, including the creation of new jobs, Microsoft announced that it is now prepared to increase its investments in the technology.

Microsoft stated that “It is coupling AI infrastructure capacity with AI skilling capabilities, combining the two to accelerate innovation, since it recognizes that nations need more than just cutting-edge AI chips and data centers to sustain their competitive edge and generate economic development.”

Microsoft is now under increased regulatory scrutiny for its $13 billion investment in OpenAI, which gives it a 49% ownership in the business that is driving the worldwide market for generative AI services. This news coincides with the release of Microsoft’s AI Principles.

The European Competition Commission stated that “In January it was investigating whether the investment is subject to antitrust laws.
The inquiry focuses on how outside parties may utilize Microsoft’s platforms and services to create artificial intelligence solutions, which are a crucial business sector and enterprise service that the firm intends to grow in the upcoming years.”

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