Meta launches feature for users to create albums

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Meta on Tuesday unveiled a series of updates to its Messenger platform, introducing new functionalities aimed at enhancing user experience.

Among the new features is the ability for Messenger users to create shared albums in chats, send photos in high-definition, and share larger files up to 100MB in size. These additions are specifically targeted towards individuals who frequently create shared albums or share HD images via platforms like Google Drive.

Previously, users were limited to viewing a list of photos shared in a specific Messenger chat without the ability to group or organize them. Now, users can easily create albums of photos and videos within group chats, whether it’s to organize memories from a recent spring break or document Grandma’s 80th birthday celebration.

To create an album in a group chat, users can select multiple photos from the chat composer and then tap “create album,” or simply long-press a photo in the chat. Additionally, users can add photos to existing albums by tapping the “Add to album” option.

All members of a chat can view, add, delete, and download pictures and videos within an album, which can be located by tapping the “Media” button in the chat interface. This introduction of shared albums is likely to be well-received by users, as this capability is not currently available on Meta’s other messaging services, such as WhatsApp and Instagram DMs.

In addition to shared albums, Messenger now offers HD photo-sharing capabilities, allowing users to toggle a new “HD” option when selecting an image from the chat composer.

Users can send multiple photos in HD by tapping on additional images. This feature follows Meta’s rollout of HD photo support on WhatsApp in September 2023.

Furthermore, Messenger now provides an alternative to email for sending large files by enabling users to send Word, PDF, Excel, and zip files directly in chats. Users can access this feature by tapping the “+” button in a chat and selecting a file from their device.

Another new addition is the option for users to connect with others by scanning a QR code, eliminating the need to manually input someone’s name or number to initiate a conversation on the app.

These updates are currently rolling out to all Messenger users on mobile platforms, offering a range of enhancements to the messaging experience.

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