Looted warehouse in Abuja not ours – NEMA

Bisola David
Bisola David
Looted warehouse in Abuja not ours - NEMA

Contrary to what certain media outlets had said, NEMA does not own the warehouse that was robbed in Abuja on Sunday.

According to The Leadership, people of the Gwagwa region of the Federal Capital Territory broke into a warehouse thought to be controlled by NEMA and took food items out in protest of the country’s present economic difficulty.

A few locals said that young people from their group got into the warehouse in the Tasha neighbourhood at approximately seven in the morning and stole sacks of grains and corn.

According to a local, Jaafar Aminu, looting went on unchecked till 9 am. Several locals and others from the nearby towns of Jiwa and Karmo flocked to the location in order to share in the bounty.

Aminu claimed “That the scenario has resulted in traffic congestion on the Gwagwa-Karmo route, which goes to the Jabi and Dei-Dei axes, respectively.”

NEMA, however, said in a statement released by Ezekiel Manzo: “The National Emergency Management Agency has been alerted to media reports on Sunday claiming that some hoodlums in Abuja have been looting the Agency’s warehouse.”

This is to make it clear that “NEMA is not the owner of the robbed warehouse. The organization does, however, have sympathy for the owners of the looted building.”

He continued, saying, “Director General Mustapha Ahmed has ordered zonal security teams to prevent any security breaches at NEMA facilities.”

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