LinkedIn users hit one billion

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Microsoft-owned social network with a business-oriented focus, LinkedIn, on Wednesday, announced that it has over 1 billion members and is expanding its artificial intelligence services for paid customers.

Reaching the billion-user milestone places LinkedIn in the upper echelons of social media networks, with competitors like Meta. Members of LinkedIn keep a resume-like profile showcasing their education, employment experience, and professional skills.

According to the corporation, almost 80% of new members are not from the United States.

LinkedIn provides subscriptions in addition to a free membership tier. New AI features will be available to subscribers of its $39.99/month tier, which will enable users to determine whether they are a good fit for a job based on the information in dozens or even hundreds of job advertisements.

To help the individual stand out in the job market, the system may also suggest profile modifications.

According to LinkedIn’s Chief Product Officer, Tomer Cohen, the tool is intended to assist users in moving “from what used to be just seeing a job and feeling insecure to being able to make tremendous progress in just one session, all the way towards an interaction.”

LinkedIn also unveiled a button on Wednesday that condenses lengthy postings into a few essential bullet points specific to each user. For instance, a stockbroker may receive a different takeaway from a sales professional.

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