Kerosene price rose by 146% one year – Report

Marcus Amudipe
Marcus Amudipe

In one year, the price of domestic Kerosene, often known as cooking kerosene, increased by more than 100 per cent, the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics has revealed.

A report for November indicated that the average retail price of kerosene per litre increased by almost 146% from N441 per litre in November 2021 to N1,083 per litre in November 2022.

The data stated that the average retail price per litre was 4% higher month-over-month in November 2022 than it was in October when it was N1,041.

According to a state profile study, Akwa Ibom had the highest average price per litre in November 2022 at N1,417, followed by Cross River with N1,357 and Abuja with N1,306.

In contrast, Borno recorded the lowest price with N876 followed by Rivers with N910 and Nasarawa with N913.

In addition, zone-by-zone research revealed that the South-East recorded the highest average retail price per litre, at N1,209, followed by the South-West, at N1,163, and the North-Central region, at N1,049.

North-East recorded the lowest temperature with a reading of N959.

In November 2022, the average retail price per gallon paid by consumers was N3,594, an increase of two per cent from N3,517 in October 2022.

From N1,544 in November 2021, the price grew by 133% annually.

Kwara had the highest average retail price per gallon at N4,506, followed by Enugu with N4,302 and Abia with N4,226.

Gombe had the lowest price at N2,430, followed by Borno and Bauchi with N2,500 and N2,767, respectively.

The South-East reported the highest average retail price per gallon of household kerosene with N4124, followed by the North Central with N3,811, and the North-East with N2,914.

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