Kenyan firm unveils electric vehicle models for mass transit

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Electronic company, Roam has developed a new shuttle bus model called Move as Kenya continues to push for the adoption of electric vehicles.

As a result of Kenya’s accelerated adoption of electric vehicles, rising fuel prices, and calls for a switch to sustainable transportation options, Roam now plans to increase the production of the Move bus and expand its charging infrastructure.

Roam plans by February of next year, to have delivered 50 Move buses and to be producing 40 units per month at full capacity. The 42-seater buses will cost $135,000 and have a 200-kilometer range. They are locally constructed using parts from China. 52 passengers can also be accommodated by the bus.

According to Roam, which creates its own buses, it constructs them in accordance with regional standards, including high ground clearance. Dennis Wakaba, the country sales executive for Roam, told TechCrunch that ‘building the body locally boosts our design offering; we can reposition the door, construct extra boot space, accommodate requested window fittings or install air conditioning, and so on’.

Following the company’s announcement of ambitions to introduce EV buses in 2021 as a complement to its motorbike manufacturing business, Roam Move was introduced.

Roam was established in 2017 by Gardler, Filip Lövström, and Mikael Gnge. The company was first focused on auto conversions before transitioning to the production of electric vehicles.

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