Italy accuses OpenAI of data breaches

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Italy’s data protection authority, Garante, informed OpenAI on Monday that its ChatGPT artificial intelligence chatbot application violates data protection rules.

Garante, known for its proactive stance in evaluating AI platform compliance with the EU’s data privacy regulations, had previously banned ChatGPT last year over alleged breaches.

Following adjustments made by OpenAI, the service was reinstated, addressing concerns related to users’ rights to refuse consent for personal data usage in algorithm training.

Despite the reactivation, Garante continued its investigation, revealing on Monday that it has identified elements suggesting potential data privacy violations without specifying details.

Garante granted Microsoft-backed OpenAI a 30-day window to present defense arguments, and the investigation will consider findings from a European task force involving national privacy watchdogs.

Italy stood out as the first West European country to impose a ban on ChatGPT, drawing attention from legislators and regulators.

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