ICPC criticizes procurement contracts over integrity gap

Bisola David
Bisola David
ICPC criticizes procurement contracts over integrity gap

The Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission has joined forces with the Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry to address the lack of integrity among contractors involved in procurement processes.

According to The Punch, ICPC Head of Procurement, Shintema Binga condemned the lack of integrity in contractor procurement processes during a speech on the occasion of the partnership’s launch for procurement integrity and transparency training between ACCI and ICPC.

He said, “Our partners in the Centre for International Private Enterprise and the Chamber of Commerce have decided to require procurement contractors to stay current with the integrity of procurement processes through this partnership.

“And since we as a commission adhere to due process, it is to make sure that these vendors and contractors avoid some of the failures that we have been witnessing in the procurement process.

“And in adhering to due process, we ensure that we perform due diligence in addition to the contractor, bidder, or vendor being qualified for a bid based on technical evaluation and financials.”

Beyond only those who conduct business with the ICPC, Binga pointed out that the agency was broadening its efforts to promote integrity in procurement procedures.

“The procurement side that I’m discussing right now is for companies who work with the ICPC, which is a law enforcement and integrity organization in and of itself.

“Therefore, the commission’s several divisions and arms are tasked with ensuring that corporate integrity is maintained. Thus, ICPC is not the end of it. Regarding this matter, our partners have booked meetings with other agencies,” he said.

The program’s goal, according to ACCI Director-General Victoria Akai, is to raise awareness among the public and private sectors of the value of moral business conduct and procurement.

“Our goal is to ensure that public institutions understand the value of adhering to established standard procurement practices, and that the private sector upholds ethical standards and accountability,” she said.

The country director of the Centre for International Private Enterprise, Lola Adekanye, stated that morality and honesty in business were essential to democracy and competitive markets worldwide.

“Thus, we are announcing today the beginning of an amazing partnership between the ACCI, a private-sector organization, and the ICPC, a public institution.

“This is significant because, for a very long time, we have believed that the public sector has primary responsibility for reducing corruption.

“However, we are reaffirming today that private companies can play a part in reducing corruption. Since corruption exists in every community, our goal is to develop the principles that make us resistant to it rather than to completely eradicate it.”

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