How Southerners paid more for kerosene in Dec 2022 – Report

Marcus Amudipe
Marcus Amudipe


Bisola David

The National Bureau of Statistics has said that according to information on its website, it has been discovered that Nigerians in the southeast of the country paid the highest kerosene prices in December 2022.

The Punch also reported that Nigerians in the South East region spent an average of N1,203.95 per litre of kerosene, with the average price of a gallon of kerosene in the area coming to N4,337.32 according to a recent study by the NBS on household kerosene prices.

From the data acquired by the NBS which was reported in November 2022, customers paid an average retail price per litre of kerosene of N1,104.61 in December 2022, an increase of 1.94% over the N1,083.57.
On a yearly basis, however, the average retail price per litre of kerosene increased from N467.97 in December 2021 by 136.04%.

For the period under view, the average cost of a litre of kerosene was N1,087.15 in the South-South, N1,177.89 in the South-West, but N1,085.65 in the North-East, N1,011.49 in the North-West, and N1,095.17 in the North Central.

Kerosene cost an average of N3,429.82 a gallon in the South-South and N3,751.05. in the South-West. For the time period under consideration, the costs were N3,378.69 in the North-East, N3,722.18 in the North-West, and N3,967.97 in the North-Central.

Nairametrics reveals that many poor Nigerians cannot afford to buy cooking gas to prepare their meals after analyzing the impact it has on them. A large number of Nigerians who could not afford cooking gas purchased kerosene as an alternate cooking source in 2021 because the price per litre was less than N500.

However, some Nigerians are increasingly using firewood as cooking fuel due to cost increases that have been observed between 2021 and into 2022. Firewood is a polluting fuel that adds to carbon emissions that harm the environment, especially in the age of climate change, it was noted as an issue with that.

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