How Gombe hydropower plant contributed 401GW to national grid

Bisola David
Bisola David
National grid goes 400 day without collapse

Managing Director of Mabon Limited, Engr. Richard Madubunyi, has said that the Dadin Kowa Hydropower project has so far supplied the National Grid with roughly 401 Gigawatts of energy.

Nigerian Tribune reported that Madubunyi made this announcement at the commissioning of the 40MW Dadin Kowa Hydroelectric Power Plant in Gombe State.

“The power plant has so far supplied 401 Gigawatts of energy to the National Grid,” he stated.

“This is despite the difficulties that come with running a new power plant, given the technical and governmental obstacles.”

He added that MABON’s goal is to produce even more electricity for Nigerian citizens and businesses, and the company would keep supplying the national grid with its 240,000 Megawatt-hour yearly generation capability.

He further disclosed that MABON is currently working to increase Irrigation Water supply from 3000 Hectares to 5000 Hectares.

“We are also planning to improve our contribution to the National Grid by providing Black Start Operation where necessary”.

“We all know power is critical to the quality of life, and the social and economic advancement of our people.

“It plays a critical role in the sustainability and growth of small, medium, and large-scale businesses.”

The Managing Director also appreciated the relentless efforts of President Buhari as he said, President’s unwavering commitment through his support to power generation and renewable energy initiatives have been of great help to us.

“Without the cooperation of his administration, we would not have been able to accomplish what we have achieved so far,” he added.

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