Honda boosts food production with new mechanised equipment

Alade Abayomi ADeleke
Alade Abayomi ADeleke

Honda Manufacturing Nigeria Limited, over the weekend, launched a piece of agricultural equipment that would increase farmers’ yield as well as make large-scale farming efficient, in order to attain self-sufficiency in rice and other food production in Nigeria.

The manufacturing company launched a hand-held shaft, for cultivating agricultural lands; a motorised backpack, for spraying chemicals and pest infection on farms among others.

Speaking to journalists, the managing director, HMNL, Hiroshima Ichikawa, said the launch of the equipment was, basically, to increase agriculture production yield in the country.

According to him, the equipment is more than three times more efficient than manual operation, saying farmers will get more yield, and profits than manual operation and thereby, contributing to the development of the agricultural sector.

He said, “We are launching back sprayer and grass cutter and also we are introducing so many attachments to make farming more convenient and profitable. Three modules and so many attachments. About five to seven, so that they can change frequently and they can do various operations on the farm.

“Nigerians involved in agriculture are much but productivity is low, after the introduction of such a machine, it will more than double their yield and based on our internal test it is about three times more efficient than manual operation.

“In the market, there are so many machines but for personal farmers, this is visible, viable and it’s 3 times more efficient. Farmers will get more profits than manual operation, they have to pay and it will lead to getting more yield more profit and as such contribute to the development of the agricultural sector.”

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