Hackers attack Polish railway network

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Poland has disclosed that the railways were the target of a hacking attack by Polish intelligence agencies, according to Polish media.

In the north-west of the country overnight, traffic was disrupted by hackers who broke into railway frequencies, according to a report from the Polish Press Agency on Saturday.

According to the allegation, recordings of the Russian national anthem and a speech by President Vladimir Putin were intermingled with the signals.

According to PAP, the incident on Saturday happened when hackers sent a signal that caused emergency train stops close to the city of Szczecin.

About 20 trains came to a complete stop, but services were soon resumed. Polish internal security service ABW is looking into it, according to senior security officer Stanislaw Zaryn. He told PAP, “For the moment, we are ruling nothing out,”

“We know that for some months there have been attempts to destabilise the Polish state,” Mr Zaryn added.

As the war in Ukraine develops, a number of Western nations have advocated for enhanced cyber-security measures. Poland serves as a critical corridor for shipping Western weapons to Ukraine.

Some experts claim that Russia is using cyberattacks against Ukraine to test its hacking tools, and Russia has previously referred to these claims as “Russophobic.”

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