Gulf Air suffers cyberattack

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Gulf Air has disclosed that its critical systems and operations were unaffected despite a data breach that occurred on Friday, Bahrain’s news agency BNA reported on Saturday

The company was cited by the agency as stating that emergency preparations were put in place to limit the breach and that “some information from the company’s email system and customers’ data could be compromised as a result of this illegal breach.”

The breach come a few weeks after a cybercrime group, Lockbit released internal data from Boeing, one of the biggest defence and space contractors in the world.

In October, the hackers declared that they had amassed “a tremendous amount” of private information from the massive aerospace company and threatened to post it online unless Boeing paid a ransom by November 2.

The ransomware Lockbit, which was originally discovered in January 2020 on Russian-language forums for cybercrime, has been found worldwide, with US, Indian, and Brazilian organisations being regular targets, according to a report released last year by cybersecurity company Trend Micro.

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