Grammarly lays off 230 workers globally

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Grammarly said this week that as part of a “business restructuring,” the company is cutting off 230 workers globally.

Grammarly states that the layoffs are a part of their efforts to further their emphasis on “the AI-enabled workplace of the future.”

“To arrive at today’s decision, we took a look at our organizational design and the current skillsets of our teams through the lens of our company strategy,” Grammarly CEO Rahul Roy-Chowdhury told employees in a memo.

“As we strengthen our focus toward driving the AI-enabled workplace and deepen our technical investments in AI, we will need a different mix of capabilities and skillsets. We also need to redesign our organization to improve the quality and speed of collaboration — and that means, among other things, restructuring roles and co-locating certain teams.”

Roy-Chowdhury continued, stating that Grammarly’s financial situation is “strong” and that the layoffs are not a cost-cutting tactic. According to him, most Grammarly functions and regions are impacted by the layoffs.

Three months’ basic salary and, health insurance benefits will be provided to affected workers.

Several companies have let off employees in the last month, including Grammarly. In only the last two weeks, a number of major companies have made significant layoffs, including Google, Microsoft, Snapchat, eBay, PayPal, DocuSign, Okta, Block, Discord, Twitch, and Duolingo.

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