Google updates Bard AI with new features

Bisola David
Bisola David
Google updates Bard AI with new features

Alex Omenye

Google announced on Tuesday that Bard, its generative artificial intelligence bit, Bard will be able to fact-check its responses and examine users’ individual Google data.

The launch of ChatGPT last year ignited a rush in the tech sector to make generative AI technologies available to users. ChatGPT, which is currently among the top 30 websites in the world, was the consumer application with the quickest growth rate ever at the time.

Bard has not experienced the same success. According to online analytics company Similarweb, it garnered 183 million visits in August, which is 13% of what ChatGPT got.

Google is releasing Bard Extensions, which let users input their data from other Google products, as it looks to gain position in the quickly evolving AI market.

Users of Bard may currently only access data from Google apps, but Google is collaborating with outsiders to integrate their applications into Bard in the future, according to Google Senior Product Director Jack Krawczyk.

Another new Bard feature aims to solve a persistent issue with generative AI: false positives, sometimes known as “hallucinations”. Users of Bard will be able to determine which details of Bard’s responses conflict with and concur with Google search results.

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