Google launches Gemini-powered chatbots for businesses

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Google has unveiled the Gemini-powered chatbots being developed by its partners, some of which users may soon interact with at the ongoing Google Cloud Next conference in Las Vegas, United States.

Notably, Best Buy is harnessing Google’s technology to craft virtual assistants capable of assisting customers in troubleshooting product issues and adjusting order deliveries. IHG Hotels & Resorts is working on another chatbot designed to aid users in planning vacations through its mobile app, while Mercedes Benz is leveraging Gemini to enhance its smart sales assistant.

In addition, security firm ADT is in the process of developing an agent to assist users in setting up home security systems. For radiologists, Bayer’s Gemini-powered applications for diagnostic assistance may become a significant tool.

Furthermore, partners such as Cintas, Discover, and Verizon are utilizing generative AI capabilities within Gemini to streamline information retrieval processes for their customer service staff.

Google has also introduced the Vertex AI Agency Builder, aimed at simplifying the development and deployment of enterprise-grade AI experiences, akin to OpenAI’s GPTs and Microsoft’s Copilot Studio.

This Builder equips developers with a suite of tools, including a no-code console capable of understanding natural language and constructing AI agents based on Gemini within minutes. While Vertex AI offers more advanced tools for complex projects, its overarching objective remains to streamline the creation and management of personalized AI chatbots and experiences.

In addition to these developments, Google unveiled its AI-powered video generator for Workspace and introduced its inaugural ARM-based CPU tailored specifically for data centers. By venturing into the realm of ARM-based CPUs, Google is poised to compete directly with Amazon, which has utilized its Graviton processor to power its cloud infrastructure in recent years.

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