Google launches 10-year upgrade for chromebooks

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Google on Thursday that Chromebooks would henceforth get regular software upgrades for ten years following the launch of the hardware.

This action will contribute to the increased durability of those devices.

Users of Chromebooks introduced in 2021 will receive 10 years of automatic upgrades beginning in 2024, according to the company.

“A platform is a series of components that are designed to work together — something a manufacturer selects for any given Chromebook. To ensure compatibility with our updates, we work with all the component manufacturers within a platform to develop and test the software on every single Chromebook,” it says.

Google announced eight years of software upgrades for more recent Chromebooks in the year 2020.

Some older Chromebooks may now receive helpful software updates for a longer period of time thanks to the recent announcement of 10 years of updates based on the platform release date.

The company announced that it will introduce features like adaptive charging and energy conservation mode to “a majority of compatible platforms” in order to enhance the health of devices’ batteries.

In the same week that Apple announced its plans to manufacture carbon-neutral products and do away with leather, Google unveiled plans to extend the shelf life and repairability of Chromebooks.

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