Google adds AI web page summaries to Chrome

Alex Omenye
Alex Omenye

Google on Tuesday released a few fresh upgrades to its almost three-month-old Search Generative Experience, the company’s conversational Search mode powered by AI.

The objective is to assist people in better understanding and learning from the data they come across online.

Tools to assist you in better grasping and coding information across languages, tools to see meanings of foreign phrases, and an intriguing feature that enables you to use SGE’s AI capability while you browse are among the features.

According to the company, these updates are intended to improve people’s understanding of difficult ideas or intricate subjects, as well as to sharpen their coding abilities.

One of the new features allows you to hover over specific words to see their definitions and see connected pictures or diagrams that pertain to the subject, which you may tap on to learn more about.

This functionality will roll out across all of Google’s AI-generated answers to questions or themes pertaining to particular fields, such as STEM, economics, history, and others, where you might come across phrases you don’t understand or concepts you want to explore more for a better understanding.

People who use SGE for programming assistance will benefit from a further additional functionality. According to Google, the new features would make it simpler to comprehend and troubleshoot the created code.

The function is created to make it simpler for online users to locate what they’re seeking for and engage with long-form content from publishers and producers.

Publishers can choose to disable the feature by marking their material as paywalled in the Help Centre, according to Google, who warns that this tool will not give AI summaries for paywalled articles.

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