Ghana fights fraudulent loan applications, cyber-bullying

Bisola David
Bisola David
Ghana fights fraudulent loan applications, cyber-bullying

Nigerians seem not to be the only ones battling the issues that come with loan applications as the most recent wave of scammers in Ghana are online lending applications that prey on low-income individuals by obtrusively advertising soft loans that put them in danger.

Premium Times reported that one victim from Ghana opted to download an online loan app to request for a 300 (or $26) loan because he was in desperate need of money to pay for the remainder of his Takoradi Technical University tuition.

He received the money in his mobile wallet without providing the rigorous proof necessary by licensed operators, but there was a cost.

“They sent the remaining money after deducting $90 for service. They informed me that my debt was 570 within a week,” he claimed. “The only thing I saw after that was that my images had been forwarded via WhatsApp to my contacts tagging me as a criminal.”

Numerous texts proposing to pay off the victim’s debt were sent to the victim’s manager.

The new scammers in Ghana are online lending applications, which bug low-wage workers with obtrusive adverts for soft loans. Those who fall for it battle the aftermath.

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