German auto association predicts 50% rise in electric car production

Oluwanifemi Ojo
Oluwanifemi Ojo
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The German auto industry association, Verband der Automobilindustrie, has projected that electric passenger car production in Germany, the largest economy in Europe, will surge by 50% to over a million cars in 2022.

According to Reuters, the rise in production will follow increased foreign demand and automakers ramping up their electric vehicle production.

VDA head Hildegard Mueller, as quoted in Automobilwoche on Sunday, said, “We assume that the domestic production of electrically-powered passenger cars will increase by 50 percent to 1.33 million units, of which 980,000 will be purely battery-electric cars.”

VDA said electric vehicles were manufactured in Germany, with 300,000 of them being plug-in hybrids in 2022.

Mueller stated that the forecast was based on the availability of new electric models and an increase in production at Tesla’s Gruenheide and Mercedes-Benz’s Bremen factories.

She also noted that foreign demand was stronger than in Germany due to government subsidy reductions that took effect in 2023.

VDA is the lobbying organization that represents the interests of the German automobile industry, including manufacturers of passenger cars, trucks, buses, and components. It works closely with the German government, the European Union, and other stakeholders to promote the interests of the German auto industry.

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