Fuel scarcity: NNPC releases 67m litres to merchants

Joy Onuorah
Joy Onuorah

The delivery of over 67 million liters of Premium Motor Spirit, also known as petrol, to merchants has eliminated all gas lines in various parts of Abuja, Niger, and Nasarawa.

According to information provided by the NNPC, some of the 67 million liters of PMS it distributes each day is not only transported into neighboring countries by trucks but also by marine boats.

NNPC Group Chief Executive Officer, Mele Kyari gave an explanation of the fuel supply data for the nation since January 2022 during a meeting with stakeholders in Abuja, saying; “Anytime we go down below 60 million litres of evacuation consistently for more than three days, we’ll have a crisis across the country.”

He added, “We know that there may be no valid so-called consumption figure, but we know the evacuation figure. Anytime the evacuation figure goes below 60 million litres daily, you’ll have a crisis.

“Remember, early in 2022 when we had the contaminated fuel, evacuation came down to 56 million litres on average and we had a crisis. We managed to ramp up by adding volumes to the market to fill the gaps. So we achieved normalcy.

“I recollect, in October, when the flooding happened, trucks could not go to their destinations, particularly moving from the South into the North and our evacuation went below 60 million, and you can remember what happened.”

Since then, according to Kyari, NNPC has done everything in its power to maintain supply or evacuation over 60 million liters on a constant basis. Kyari contended that there is no lack of fuel entering the market; rather, the products may be traveling in the incorrect place.

“One thing that is also very practical is that Nigeria’s fuel is smuggled to other countries. This is not a secret. But it can only be done by either all of us in this room or people buying from us,” he added.

Additionally, there were no lines at fueling stations including Nipco, NNPC, Salbas, and a few other locations on the major Kubwa-Zuba Expressway where supplies were being dispensed to vehicles. However, on Tuesday, this was not the case.

In contrast to Tuesday, some of the filling stations along the Kubwa-Zuba Expressway, including Nipco, NNPC, and Salbas, distributed goods without lines on Wednesday.

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